Our Best and Worst Investments: The Real Tea on What to Spend Your Money On

Sep 11, 2023

 In this episode of Business Power Hour with Faith Mariah. My guests and I discussed:

  • Balancing Consumption and Output: Discover how to strike a perfect balance between learning and taking action in your business.
  • Lookout for Overconsumption: Learn how to avoid falling into the trap of excessive consumption without seeing tangible results.
  • The Importance of Support: Find out why investing in the right support and resources is crucial for scaling your business and achieving your goals.
  • Building Relationships and Networking: Explore the benefits of having business friends who truly understand your journey and can offer valuable advice.
  • The Power of Investing in Yourself: Hear an inspiring story of how one entrepreneur transformed their copywriting skills through coaching. 

Meet This Week's Contributors:

Heather Ritchie, Certified Content Marketing Strategist 

Sully Montero

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