Scaling with Social Proof: Leveraging Testimonials and Reviews to Hit Six Figures

Dec 14, 2023

On this week's episode of Business Power Hour with Faith Mariah, my guests and I discussed:

  • The ethical and effective use of testimonials: How to present realistic and representative testimonials that pack a punch and build trust in your audience.
  • How illustrated case studies can bring testimonials to life, showing the journey and context behind each success story.
  • The secrets of using testimonials to answer burning questions and alleviate concerns that potential customers may have.
  • The role of polls, numbers, and skill improvement metrics in strengthening your testimonials and appealing to logical buyers.
  • Understand how to use testimonials to assess the compatibility of a program for specific circumstances and gain diverse perspectives on its effectiveness. 

Meet This Week's Contributors:

Emma Weatherall, Sales Strategist + Business Consultant

 Cora-Lynn Hazelwood, Systems & Sales Strategist 

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