Collaboration Crush: Slaying Networking and Partnerships like a Social Butterfly

Nov 17, 2023

In this episode of Business Power Hour with Faith Mariah, my guests and I discussed:

⚡️ The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else is Zagging: Discover how differentiating yourself in the market can attract the right collaborations and opportunities.

⚡️ Overcoming Fear: Hear inspiring stories from our guest speaker, Liz Wilcox, as she shares how she conquered her fear of public speaking and started her successful RV travel blog.

⚡️ The Law of Reciprocity: Learn why giving generously and focusing on serving, rather than just selling, can have a profound impact on your business.

⚡️ The Magic of Collaboration: Explore how collaborations can sky-rocket your business growth, as we delve into the success stories of our guest speaker and our own experiences.

⚡️ Attracting Partners and Affiliates: Discover tips and strategies to excite and engage partners and affiliates for successful collaborations and promotions.

Meet This Week's Contributor:

Liz Wilcox, Fresh Princess of Email Marketing


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