Mastering Online Efficiency: Insights from Productivity Pros

Jan 25, 2024

This week on Business Power Hour, our panel was hosted by Team Faith Mariah Online Business Manager, Rebekah Lara! Some of the topics Rebekah and our guests discussed were:

  • The importance of self-reassurance and control when feeling overwhelmed

  • Techniques for grounding oneself, including using essential oils and grounding mats

  • Productivity tips for personal and professional organization, such as using Google Calendar and Asana

  • Strategies for managing interruptions and creating boundaries, especially while working from home

  • The value of testing and tweaking systems to find what works best for you

Meet This Week's Guests:

Rebekah Lara, Life Coach for Mom Entrepreneurs

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Carrie Wulf, Founder, CEO

Kayla Giles, Certified Life Coach & Professional Organizer


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