Growing Your Email List Using Bundles

Jan 11, 2024

 In this episode of Business Power Hour with Faith Mariah, my guests and I talked about:

  • How to find bundles to participate in and people to contribute to your bundle;

  • A breakdown of all the ways to make money from different types of bundles and strategies a person can use;

  • The importance of quality control as a bundle host;

  • The types of things that can make or break your success as a bundle contributor;

  • How to create long-term raving fans that come into your world through bundles.

Meet This Week's Contributors:

Kate Doster:

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    The exact process I used, to earn $14k hosting a FREE bundle (and it wasn't from launching a high ticket course after it either.) Why, even if you're doing everything RIGHT, your list is STILL stuck at barely 500 subscribers if you're lucky. (Hint the gurus have been lying to you!) How to go from 400 to 4000+ subscribers in less than one week (& this process is totally repeatable & requires you to only have an email service provider & a 2 page website.) How to create a free or paid bundle that stands out and attracts people READY to buy.

Kelsie Bentley


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